What we do

Implementation of skill Development Training:

Punjab Skill Development Mission provides free employment linked skill development trainings to the Youth in the age group of 18-35 years across the state under the various state and centrally sponsored schemes. These nationally certified trainings are provided through empanelled training partners at centres in urban and rural areas across the state in over 20 different sectors like Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Green Jobs, Domestic Workers, Retail, Beauty, Construction, Electronics and Hardware, Food Processing, Health Care, IT ITES, Leather, Logistics etc. Mission has been constantly bridging the gap between skilled people required in Industry and unemployed youth by ensuring that the right candidate chooses the right course according to his/her academic background, aptitude and skill-set. PSDM in its ambit covers various kinds of schemes thereby ensuring universal coverage from various sections of the society including Urban/ Rural, Border Area, traditional courses like Phulkari Jutti making/ modern courses thereby providing opportunity to all.

Inter Department Convergence:

The Punjab Skill Development Mission has been constituted with a mandate to steer all skill development Schemes in the State of Punjab. Presently there are various Departments of the Government which provides skill development in some form or the other , In order to ensure convergence and coordination of skill development efforts across multiple departments PSDM engages with various other departments, to provide strategic and programmatic support thereby increasing outreach and providing training linked to local needs.


To conduct qualitative and quantitative research on skill gaps, carry out impact evaluations of existing skill development programmes and undertake post placement tracking of candidates across sectors. PSDM also makes a conscious effort to document strategic papers aimed at improving the employment opportunities in the State


Policy Advisory/ Inputs:

The research gathered by Punjab Skill Development Mission is used to provide evidence based policy advisory / inputs to guide various departments in the process of policy formulation and implementation related to Skill Development.


Careers Support:

PSDM closely networks with a host of other key institutions and stakeholders in the skill development space (such as training providers, employers, career counsellors, head-hunters, employment exchanges and job search websites, thus creating a knowledge network for skill development. PSDM leverages this network to provide candidates of Punjab with placement support or career related information.